Go for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Made for the Sublime Bitsy Jam.

Made withBitsy


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oh this is so cool! really love how you did this and also that one moment of animation like heck that must have taken time to animate it :O but it looked soooo neat!!!!


Glad you like it! It took quite a lot of time. Not sure I'll do a Bitsy game this big again, the amount of tiles and rooms was pretty overwhelming by the end.

oh i know that feeling! though i reckon all my games are much less complex in the graphics department...

cool stuff, i love how everything changes sometimes when you walk over a tile!

It's weird and incomprehensible for a new player, but it's nonetheless interesting to follow along. I liked the rapidly changing scenery, you just tend to always change it back and forth for a moment and figure out what just happens.

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter our game-making contest with this game!